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Holiday food hangovers, let's get you back on track!

Unhealthy eating during the festive season definetly can throw off the balance in our gut bacteria. The festive season means lots of rich food and tasty drinks… but too much of it can hurt our stomachs, specially your gut.  When we normally eat healthy and then holidays arrive, an unbalanced gut microbiota will take place with a problems processing food and eliminating waste. Here are some smart choices that will help us feel better afterwards. Here’s how to get back on track: Make friends with fibre
We recommend eating foods rich in fibre, like whole grains, legumes, green vegetables, fruits such as apple, bananas and berries. Agave Fructans such as Prebiotics can improve bone health, boost immunity, provide digestive confort, reduce constipation and promote mineral absortion…
Power up with prebiotics and probiotics
Prebiotics are compounds in food that promote growth of probiotics, live bacteria and yeasts that are good for the gut. The best way to get both is by eating your favorite snack…

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