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Tips for substituting Agave in baked goods

Using agave in place traditional sugars in recipes is a snap to do, but it does take a little know-how. We have a few quick tips to aide you in your baking adventures to make sure each and every treat hits the sweet spot without any let down.
Agave isn't a difficult ingredient to add to your pantry. Agave is easy enough to interchange in sauces, drinks or stir frying, but baking can be a bit more difficult. The presence of sugar in a recipe does many scientific things, so using agave as a substitution can be a bit of a balancing act. Here's some of the guidelines we use in our own kitchen when it comes to switching in some of this sugar alternative:
Here's a basic rule of thumb to go by:
· Honey: Replace with equal amounts. · Maple Syrup: Replace with equal amounts. · Brown Rice Syrup: Use half as much agave + (up to) 1/2 cup liquid · Corn Syrup: Use half as much agave + (up to) 1/3 cup liquid · White Sugar: For every 1 cup sugar called for use 2/3 cup agave and reduce th…

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