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Being part of our network is being part of a community and communities take care of each other. These are challenging, uncertain times and many of us find our careers and lives being disrupted in ways we've never experienced. Our guiding mission is to support our community as best we can as we face unprecedented challenges both as individuals and as a Group. 
The food industry can´t stop.#wearecommited and will continue working hard to ensure you receive the correct attention and services you need.   To achieve this, we are taking all the necessary measures that allow us to ensure the supply chain in our operations, as well as providing our collaborators with safe workspaces. According to global standards, we are cleaning and following sanitization procedures to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission and practicing social distancing in the workplace. 

Our employees are the backbone of our operation, #wecare about their safety 
which means we are taking as many precautionary steps a…

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