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Tips for keeping a healthy lifestyle

Everybody is in pursuit of a better and healthier life, but not everybody knows how or has an incentive to do so.  Here are some guidelines and health tips that will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle:
1.An active lifestyle
Modernity now let us have a sedentary life, but that only brings inconvenience to our body.  Take a walk at least half an hour a day or do some exercise. Keep your muscles active in your body with aerobic exercise. It will help you stay healthy, strong, lose weight, prevent diseases and reduce stress.
2.Care food 
Have the conscience to choose the best of food and thus enjoy proper health.  Seek ways to lead a balanced diet that does not neglect any food necessary for your body. Include vegetables, fruits, poultry, vegetables, fiber and plenty of fluids in your diet.
3.Reduce intake of saturated fat 
At this point, it must be clear that we should not eliminate saturated fats, but to control their consumption.
4.Eat more fruits and vegetables
We all know how healthy fru…

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