Agave: Source for sweeteners

We are a company specialized on natural ingredients, sweeteners and natural fibers. Our products are supported by research and continue improvement of new products based on the global tendencies of the alimentary industry, with the purpose of providing several options of Mexican products to the different markets. 

Our ingredients are used on the alimentary industry for the manufacturing of ice cream, candy, confectionery, pastries, cereals, fruits, beverages, and any other product that needs to be enriched and/or sweetened with ingredients that are good for health and that also bear a clean label in the final product.

The sweeteners made from agave, some of the products that can be found in our catalogue:

Premium agave syrup, an ingredient that can be used in a variety of products both in the alimentary and beverages industries. It is a natural and organic sweetener that provides calories to the food, having also a low glycemic index. 

The Premium Agave Syrup has a high sweetening power compared to the cane sugar, and it is a perfect substitute for the common sugar because it improves and intensifies the natural flavor of the food and beverages in which it is used. Unlike other kinds of sugar, due to its high fructose content, it does not promote the production of insulin, it has the capacity of absorbing the moisture from the environment, a very favorable property when the products needs certain percentage of moisture.

Agave Powder, it is a versatile product aimed to the retail market or to companies engaged on the hotel, restaurants and cafeteria businesses (HORECA). This is an excellent sweetener, 100% natural and organic. It represents an opportunity for the beverages, food and baking industries; its high sweetening power generates benefits for health when it is used to prepare foods because less agave sugar is needed to provide similar sweetening as the cane sugar.

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