What do bees provide to the biodiversity and agriculture?

The bees are much more important than we believe. The worldwide food production and the Earth’s biodiversity depend greatly on pollination, a natural process that allows the fertilization of the flowers, and the consequently growth of fruits and seeds. The bees, alike other insects like butterflies and bumblebees, are the essential responsible of this process; but unfortunately, the populations of such insects are diminishing very quickly. The factors that are threatening the pollinizers are, among others:

The loss and deterioration of the habitats
The industrialized agriculture practices, like the monocultures and the use of pesticides
Parasites and illnesses
The effects of the climate change

Experts have calculated that the economic worth for agriculture of the pollination labor of the bees and other pollinizers is of around 265,000 million Euros per year in all the world. Therefore, even from a purely economic point of view, it pays off to protect the bees.

The figures of the problem that the pollinizers are currently suffering are stunning. The reports advise that 40% of the invertebrated pollinizers, in particular, bees and butterflies, are facing extinction.
In the short term, the solution is to prohibit the use of products that are considered toxic for bees and that are currently being used; and to establish stricter assessments of the risks that the pesticides represent. By the other side, comprehensive action plans must be implemented in order to save the bees. And the ultimate solution is the adoption of ecologic agriculture as the only via for a food production that respects all the inhabitants of the planet.

The ecologic agriculture warranties a healthy and sustainable production because it protects the soil, the water and the weather, promotes the biodiversity, it does not pollute the environment with agrochemicals or transgenic products, and is friendly for the health of the humans. And, of course, people like you, who demands and consumes ecological and organic products.


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