Functional Sweeteners

Sweeteners do more for our food than bring sweetness; some can reduce carbohydrate and calorie levels.

High-intensity sweeteners provide a simple way of reducing the number of calories in our diet. As such, low-calorie sweeteners can play a helpful role in assisting the achievement of weight maintenance or weight loss, as part of a balanced diet.

Whilst high-intensity sweeteners have been developed and brought to the market all of them had associated taste issues. Sweeteners like Stevia, aspartame, and acesulfame-k present a challenge for flavoring the food and drinks we are accustomed to having sugar cane.

On the other side, there are prebiotic fibers with a low sweetness level and a great flavor. This allows a calorie reduction and a higher fiber intake. Usually, this kind of products goes well in combination with high-intensity sweeteners. Prebiotics may help to maintain a strong immune system by building a healthy lower intestinal tract which enhances the absorption of nutrients and helps to maintain proper digestion.

Even if this solution is expensive, you will definitely get a healthier profile. 

Growing dialogue around the importance of gut health on overall well-being has led this type of ingredients to a new place in the food industry. Health-conscious people are recognizing the importance of supporting gut health, as one of the main barriers between the body and the toxins in the environment. Demand continues for prebiotic and probiotic foods. 

Some are looking at the use of invert syrup, a liquid sweetener made from sucrose and also found in honey and maple syrup. The process involves hydrolyzing and resulting ingredient sweeter than sucrose, as fructose has almost double the sweet intensity of sucrose. In past years, invert sugar was replaced by the more economical high-fructose corn syrup. However, consumer sentiment toward HFCS has many processors revisiting invert sugar for its functionality and clean label appeal.

Our modern and easy access to enjoy food and more people into sedentary lifestyles gives us a hint that we need to manage more effectively than ever before the sweetener intake. High obesity rates show that more people need to focus on active, healthy lifestyles and energy balance – that is, balancing the calories consumed with the calories burned through physical activity.  

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