Natural Sweeteners

Sweeteners are substances that in addition to their sweetening power, they may be used for such processes as food preservation, fermentation (in brewing and winemaking), baking (where they contribute to texture, tenderization, and leavening), and food browning and caramelization (Maillard reaction).  Natural sweeteners may be both nutritive and favorable and thus popular both as food and flavoring. 

Sweetness balances bitterness, sourness, and saltiness, and most humans are driven by sweet tastes.

Sugars occur naturally in many plant foods; we get the most common sweeteners by processing plants such as agave, maple trees, sugar cane, coconut palms, sugar beets and corn to extract and condense these sugars.

In the case of honey, bees do the work of extracting and processing flower nectar for us.

Clean-label ingredients that don’t compromise taste or function of the final product are popular among consumers, the food and beverage products that include them have a high preference. Over the years, consumer concern over high levels of sugar in products has led to a shift heightened interest in natural sweeteners that don’t compromise taste.

Sugar from honey, for example, was perceived as the most appealing sweetener in the United States because it is natural.

About two out of three respondents from Ipsos’ research agreed naturally derived sugars from fruits, vegetables and plants are healthier (64 percent). A similar number also said they preferred natural sugars to low-calorie sweeteners (65 percent). Finally, 60 percent of the consumers indicated their ideal sweetener would not lead to a ‘sugar boost and crash effect.’ “The latter shows the growing interest by consumers in low glycemic ingredients that support a lower blood sugar response."

Natural sweeteners have a privileged position among the consumers' preference since there is a wide variety of sweeteners. It’s easy to include them according to our preference and performance.

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