The importance of consuming fiber

An adequate consumption of fiber is important for the prevention and treatment of no transmissible illnesses. It contributes to the feeling of fullness, helping to prevent or treat overweight and obesity. Besides, the consumption of more vegetal origin foods provides additional benefits for controlling weight. Vegetables are an excellent source of fiber and provide low caloric intake; leguminous, nuts and seed, together with integral grains, are an excellent source of vegetable proteins. Fruits are a great source of vitamins and minerals and can also be used as substitute for the sweet flavor of other foods. These strategies will also reduce the consumption of meat, of saturated greases and refine grains, all foods that, when eaten in excess, may be cause of weight gain.

Research has proof that the prebiotic fiber contributes to improve the metabolism and the bowel transit, which prevents constipation and enhances the absorption of nutrients.

The most important thing is to understand that this substance is a great friend of a healthy body, and its right intake will provide excellent benefits for health and will also facilitate transit through the bowel track.

Following are some suggestions of what to do in order to increase your consumption of fiber:

  • Eat whole fruits and vegetables, including skin, instead of drinking their juice.
  • Change refined grains such as white bread and regular pasta and rice for products made of whole grains like integral bread and integral pasta and rice.
  • Add agave fructans, like Fiber Primeâ, to your diet, it is very easy to include them, a single tablespoon is a good way for start consuming them.
  • Include leguminous in your daily diet, beans, fava, lentils and chickpea are great sources of fiber. Combine them with whole grain cereals instead of eating animal origin products, both groups of food together form a “complete protein”.
  • Add fruits and vegetables to each one of your meals, they may be incorporated as part of a stew, a garnish, an entry or a dessert.
  • Consumption of fiber must be increased gradually and must drink enough quantities of fresh water because fiber needs water in order to easily pass through the bowel. The ingesting of fiber will improve the quality of nutrition and will contribute to the prevention and treatment of no transmissible illnesses.

An adequate consumption eases the bowel transit and prevents conditions like constipation. Furthermore, it helps to leverage the nutrients in the organism.

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