The Perfect Synergy

Humans have a problem with candy: we like it too much. Whoever responds to that taste is a primitive reflection, which can be observed even in the simplest of organisms.

Consumers are increasingly aware that high doses of refined sugar can be quite harmful. In Best Ground International found many solutions to this concern, specifically our Organic DSP Syrup. 

Our syrup is composed of two very important natural elements: "organic blue agave and steviol glycosides", which fuse perfectly to achieve a pleasant sensation of sweetness for the palate with less aftertaste coming from Stevia. Due to its greater sweetening power, it is possible to use less syrup, therefore, the number of calories in the intake decreases.


Safe for human consumption.
Great sweetener.
It allows to reduce the consumption of calories.
Fast assimilation by the body.
Low glycemic index.
Less aftertaste

In addition to the advantages that have been mentioned, this syrup can be used in the bakery, drinks, confectionery, chocolate, dairy, and cereals.

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