What Is Muscovado Sugar?

Muscovado sugars are unrefined cane sugars made from sugar cane juice that has been evaporated and crystallized. This creates a rich, deeply colored sugary crystal with a sticky consistency and heaps of molasses built in. The sugar is coarse and granular, similar to damp sand; the abrasive texture also allows for a pleasant crunch. While it does resemble brown sugar, the production process is very different. Granulated sugar is processed to be stripped of molasses to create the fine white crystals most of us associate with sugar. In order to create light or dark brown sugars, a portion of molasses is added back afterward. This multi-step process gives brown sugar an equally sweet yet slightly dull flavor when compared to muscovado.

The smoky and caramelized flavor of muscovado sugar can be used for several sweet and savory applications. Light and dark varieties have similar flavor elements but dark has a more flavorful edge, tasting a little like licorice. Light muscovado may hold up to high temperatures better since it has fewer molasses. For these reasons, opt for light muscovado when making simmered down recipes such as glazes, chutney, and caramel sauce. 

In Best Ground International our Organic Muscovado Syrup has a delicious taste and can be used every day as a 100% natural sweetener for any kind of food and beverages.

Natural sweetener alternative
Pleasant flavor
Application Advantages

Find high quality organic ingredients and sweetening alternatives for your product and industry in bestground.com.


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