Productores Orgánicos de Calakmul and Biomieles del Sureste

Productores Orgánicos de Calakmul is a Civil Association specialized in the production of Organic Honey, founded in 2003.

Actually, there are more than 400 associated producers, 72% are men and 28% women. We are dedicated beekeepers, contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Geographic Location

Located in the south of Campeche, in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, Mexico and declared by UNESCO, Mixed Heritage of Humanity, this is a perfect site for bees with two million acres of tropical forests in a biosphere untouched by pesticides and pollutants.

This area is a protected reserve and a municipality of high marginalization, with about 25,000 inhabitants, 12 ethnic groups and the 75% of the total population are indigenous like Mayas, Choles and Zentales distributed in the territory.

The native people subsist from the agriculture of self-consumption, commerce, tourism, and beekeeping, representing more than a third of the population day to day work.

Fair Trade Certification

In 2017 was approved the Fair Trade Certification, so that our beekeepers can obtain a better purchase price, directly influencing their economy; in addition, obtaining a fair trade bonus, which will allow direct improvements in the communities of Calakmul.

Organic Certification

We have the support of certifications that guarantee the highest quality standards that meet national and international specifications for customer consumption.

In 2019, the production was more than 400 tons per year of organic honey, certified by OCIA International, with international equivalence for commercialization in the United States, Europe and Canada. The production projection for the 2020 harvest cycle is 600 tons of honey.

We have more than 18,000 certified hives that provides multiflora honey.


-Unique combination of flowers, appreciated for its sweet flavor and aroma. 

-Liquid and hardly crystalizes.
-Light Amber.

-Strong Flavour.

Integral Beekeeping Project.

Productores Orgánicos de Calakmul by the hand of Biomieles del Sureste, are committed in fighting poverty and conserving biodiversity, contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint. Therefore, we seek the constant training of our members, as well as the entry of new producers in our association, to replicate good practices and reduce the negative effect of poverty.

Training and Technology Transfer.

Our association is interested in creating a Community Development Center, whose objectives are training skills development, transfer & technology and beekeeping research in Calakmul. The professionalization of beekeepers, who develop their activity empirically, realize their best performance and productive growth, as they will know and use the best practices of our apicultural model.

We know the environmental and social needs of our community, and how positive actions have a beneficial impact on our health and lifestyle.



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