Agave is not only tequila, agave is syrup, inulin and even plastics


The agave syrup is a natural sweetener obtained from the agave core or piña. Its carbohydrate profile gives this sweetener its unique properties. The agave syrup industry offers a product with high fructose content that provides a very pleasant sweetness and a stronger flavor than other options, which means less product is needed in order to obtain the same sweetness as the one given by the sugar.

Additionally, due to its nature, the Agave Syrup contains fructans, which are complex chains of fructose that work as a prebiotic fiber. The prebiotic fiber has a very important role on the daily diet, since evidence shows that it is the food of the beneficial bacteria of the colon, and it provides some benefits like: protects the immunological system, improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals, enhances the respiratory system functions, among others.

So, if you are looking for an alternative for all the artificial or refined products, the agave syrup is definitely the product that you should try.

In the 1980’s, the glycemic index (GI) was proposed as a means to rank the carbohydrates in food according to the effect they have on the glucose levels after eating. In summary, the glycemic index measures how fast a food raises the glucose level in blood.

In general, foods with a low GI increase the glucose levels in the body, while the ones with a high GI are more quickly digested and can increase the glucose levels very fast.

Not all carbohydrates have the same effect on the body; some cause a very fast increase of sugar on the blood, while others work slowly, which allows a more constant sugar level. The glycemic index addresses those differences by giving a number to the foods according to how fast they increase the glucose levels in blood, compared with pure glucose. 

The GI scale goes from 0 to 100. Pure glucose has the higher GI index and it is assigned a value of 100. Instead, the agave syrup’s value is 21, this places it on the range of products with low glycemic index.

The absorption rate of the glucose and the extent and duration of the high levels of glucose in blood are the cause of a lot of hormonal and metabolic changes that may affect health or provoke an illness. The low GI diets may be helpful for weight maintenance, weight loss and even protect against chronic illnesses and heart diseases.

Therefore, the interest in identifying which foods have a low GI and the factor that affects the GI value of the food, has increased. Knowing this, more and more people are choosing agave syrup as a safe, healthy and delicious option to replace sugar and other sweeteners.

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