Is agave syrup vegan?


Unlike honey, agave syrup has a completely vegetable origin, and is therefore suitable for vegan diets.

It has a much lower glycemic index than refined sugar and even honey: sugar has a glycemic index of 75 out of 100, honey 78 and agave syrup between 15 and 20. This means that consuming agave nectar does not cause blood glucose spikes, which cause uncontrolled spikes and drops of energy.

Additionally, it generates a greater feeling of satiety than other sweeteners, therefore, when ingesting agave syrup, the body demands a smaller amount of product. Also, it contains fewer calories than sugar. It has greater sweetening power than other sweeteners, such as glucose or fructose, it dissolves very well in liquids; But, did we already mention that it is suitable for vegan diets? Amazing!

On the other hand, large numbers of bees suffer in various ways due to exploitation by humans to produce honey1 and other products.

Many people may think that bees do not suffer. However, the available evidence indicates that, like many other invertebrates with a centralized nervous system, they do have the capacity to suffer and enjoy.

Despite this, they are used for human benefit in ways that many people are unaware. Its exploitation causes the suffering and death of a large number of bees. This is especially the case with honey, which bees produce by ingesting pollen which they then repeatedly regurgitate. To take honey from bees, these animals are harmed in various ways, and many are killed.

Honey is produced by bees by ingesting nectar, which they then regurgitate, repeating this process several times. During it, your body adds enzymes to the nectar. Bees store honey in combs by regurgitating it into a cell. This is then completely covered with wax. This process takes place so that the honey can be consumed by bees in the future. Twelve worker bees take a lifetime to make a single teaspoon of honey. Bees have to visit more than two million flowers to create a pound of honey.

The exploitation of bees is carried out especially for the extraction of honey, which is sold in large quantities. The use of other products also involves the exploitation of bees, and contributes to the fact that the damage they suffer, including death, is economically profitable. To more easily extract honey, hives are sometimes heated while it is in the structures where it was made. However, many bees are often transported with honey and may die on the journey. They also die in other ways. If there are no windows in the room, other methods such as an electrical grid can be used to get rid of stray bees.

When the honey is removed from the bees without being killed, they are left without food. Sugar water is given as a substitute to these bees. It is sometimes claimed that this food is no worse than honey for bees. But sugar is not such a suitable food for them, thus suffering from malnutrition.

Honey is not the only product obtained with the exploitation of bees. Other products for whose production they are used are poison, pollen, royal jelly, propolis and wax; but, definitely, those are good reasons to stop eating honey bees and choose agave syrup.

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