The benefits of organic honey

Organic foods and products are those that are produced under strict control under national and international standards. But, what makes the difference with other foods?

The answer is the environment: bees live in nature reserves.
Her feeding: bees that produce organic honey are fed on the flowers of the field, looking for the best nectars to take to the hive. Pollen is also important in their diet, they only eat the best! In this way,  they provide us with excellent quality honey.
Her health: These bees stay healthy by eating the best nectars from one or several types of flowers.
Extraction: The extraction of organic honey adheres to the strict rules of innocuousness; no heat is applied, no mixing and it is cold extracted, therefore it is raw and 100% natural. 

The place and the flower of origin will definitely determine the character of the honey; but is too very important will also be the management that the beekeeper gives to his hives in an organic production system.

Organic honey comes from true paradises. The hives should are placed in clean areas, where the bees drink from clean lakes, waterfalls, springs and streams, in fragile well-preserved ecosystems, with strong vegetation that provide them with nectar and pollen for their natural food and where fauna is also abundant; places without agrochemicals, transgenics, or other contaminants environmentals.

Beekeepers apply techniques that protect and strengthen bee colonies, achieving their real well-being, complying with strict national and international control standards to be able to get your certification.

The benefits of obtaining and eating some of this organic honey are multiples;  Because, if it goes without saying how good honey is for your health, that is hardly mentioned is the environmental benefit that organic honey production has.

Bees help pollinate millions of flowers and plants, making ecosystems complete their cycle. For humans, honey is a natural, healthy and complete food that contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, sugars, flavonoids and many more easily digestible nutrients that strengthen the body, and that their can use to give to the food a sweet flavor; otherwise of the white sugar, that is a refined, highly caloric sweetener and which can cause harm to your health.

Honey is recommended for its medicinal, antiseptic, healing and nourishing properties. It can be used for cosmetics, masks, wounds, minor infections, burns, as a sweetener, to marinate, in dressings, spread on bread, tea, drinks, remedies and many more uses.

More than 70% of the production of food and that of all species on the planet depends on the pollination of bees, thus strengthening biodiversity. So, organized organic beekeepers, like bees in cooperatives that seek the common good, do an important job saving bees and collecting surplus honey to bring it to your table.

When you buy and consume organic honey, you have a high quality honey that offers great benefits for your health, at the same time, you help to reproduce and protect the bees, this will improve nature, you will be helping.

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