Tips for baking with honey


Like cooking, baking is almost a science. Advanced bakers who understand the chemical reactions caused by ingredients can be a little more creative and do things such as substituting ingredients.

To modify a recipe, a baker must know what the alternative will do to the product. To alter the recipe for a dessert you need to be careful and avoid excess liquid or a lack of it, for it could ruin the dessert. Sugar and honey are complete opposites in texture and sweetness. You want to be careful if you need to interchange them.

Honey is liquid, viscous and extremely sweet. Sugar is powdered, grainy and slightly less sweet. So, there are two factors to take into account: Humidity and sweetness. Since you can't exchange these ingredients equally, the closest equivalence for 1 cup of sugar is 1/2 cup of honey.

Honey is slightly acidic, so you will need to add one quarter teaspoon of baking soda to balance the pH of the batter or it will not rise. Honey is also liquid therefore you need to compensate. A good rule is to reduce every liquid ingredient about 1/4.

Another important rule is to shorten the time in the oven or lower the temperature. The sugar in honey caramelizes quickly, to cook it properly you may choose between these two options. It is important to remember that honey has a lot of benefits over sugar and it is a good substitution for it, but it can be tricky unless you follow these guidelines. Remember to eat desserts in moderation and as part of a balanced diet which includes fruits, vegetables, proteins, nuts, and seeds.

Powdered honey is just that, dehydrated honey. The purpose of powdering honey is to substitute sugar, either in baking or as an everyday sweetener. It is difficult to find pure honey as it is often mixed with other ingredients such as sucralose to keep it from returning to its liquid form.

Powder honey is amazing, because it has many vitamins and minerals, a lower glycemic index than sugar and it preserves its properties for a very long time, it is also a healthier option for baking. Also, substitute white sugar cup by cup. It contributes to the wetness of the cake, and it is also the least expensive sweetener substitute.

Powdered honey’s characteristics are:

• It is white and has the texture of cornstarch.

• It is sprayed into powder using high heat.

• It contains a stabilizer such as maltodextrin or sucrose.

• It is used in recipes when the moisture is limited.

• Mainly used as a sprinkle on cereal.

• It doesn't stick and is mess-free.

Powder honey is a great sweetener and has properties that can help with weight loss, skin care, and digestion.


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