Check that your agave syrup has NOM-003-SAGARPA

The Official Mexican Standards (NOMs) are technical regulations that govern the different industries. They are tools that allow the different government agencies to address and eliminate risks to the population, to animals, and to protect the environment.

They are based on scientific and technological information, which promotes the quality of goods and services. The NOMs have value at an international level because they are the product of the interdisciplinary work of the different sectors involved since they are built by specialists in the different topics they cover.

They establish requirements, specifications, characteristics, and/or test methods. They apply to products, processes, systems, activities, services, or production methods and determine how the products, processes, and services that are used daily should be carried out.

The NOMs establish measures to ensure the quality, health, and harmonization of the products and services purchased by Mexican consumers. They are how compliance can be verified and the authorities or empowered persons who will do so.

The government is in charge of identifying the risks, evaluating them, and issuing the NOMs to prevent them. They can apply to the private and public sectors through their three levels of government; federal, state, and municipal.

Some of the risks addressed by the NOMs are related to the health and safety of people and the environment. The NOMs protect against the main risks identified by the government, which increases the safety of people and their health, and promotes care for the environment.

Also, they create a culture of consumer empowerment by providing more information for the acquisition of products, processes, and services, they generate a better purchase decision by including all the necessary information about products, processes, and services. promote economic development and quality in the production of goods and services by making compliance with requirements, specifications, characteristics, and test methods mandatory.

They promote international trade since, by harmonizing national requirements with international ones, imports and exports are facilitated.

On the other hand, they generate a balance between competitors and eliminate unfair practices by establishing equal conditions for products, processes, and services.

The various NOMs are prepared by Collegiate Bodies that are made up of representatives of all the sectors interested in each of the topics; that is, producers, marketers, manufacturers, exporters, importers, academics, verifiers, consumers, and government agencies related to the subject to be discussed.

Do you know what regulations apply to the production of agave syrup and how to verify that the sweetener you take home has the necessary quality? The Official Mexican Standard NOM-003-SAGARPA-2016, establishes the specifications that agave syrup must cover, including the characteristics of health, agri-food quality, authenticity, labeling, permitted denominations, and conformity assessment procedures, including inspection and control mechanisms.

NOM 003 SAGARPA regulates and verifies compliance and quality in the production of both agave syrup and its variants, as well as establishing the physicochemical specifications and analysis procedures to ensure the quality of the agave syrup that you find on the shelf, is 100% authentic agave.

Before taking home a product of this type, check that it has the quality and authenticity granted by this NOM. To achieve this, it is necessary that your agave syrup has a minimum of 60% to 75% fructose, and course, it has the support of NOM-003-SAGARPA.



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