All you need to know about our agave aminos


Sweet seasoning sauces are a main ingredient of many cuisines worldwide, particularly Asian food.

However, most sweet sauces are not suitable for everybody because of their glycemic index. This is where agave aminos come as an adequate substitute for cooking.

Agave aminos are also a good alternative to soy sauce, it is sweet and sour and ideal for people allergic to soy or who are limiting their sugar intake.

Agave aminos from Best Ground International don’t use genetically modified ingredients or additives.

Agave aminos are also metal-free and meet all the requirements of the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS as well as from Mexican authorities.

Some properties of agave aminos are:

  • Flavor booster.
  • Soy-free.

Physical characteristics:

  • It has a characteristic odor.
  • Tasty and characteristic flavor.
  • Slightly viscous in its consistency.


  • Organic agave syrup.
  • Vinegar.
  • Himalayan salt.

The shelf-life of agave aminos is 18 months in retail; it is not advised to freeze this seasoning. However, store it in the fridge once it is open.

If you love sweet and sour foods but are looking to reduce your sodium intake and to substitute soy sauce, agave aminos are the ideal option for you.

Agave is a native plant to the hot and arid regions of the Americas, but it can also be found in tropical areas of South America.


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